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Embrace Lifelong Learning

One of my core values is “Get Smarter Every Day!” I thrive on learning, gaining new perspectives, and being challenged in my thinking. I’m committed to enhancing my competence as a teacher and consultant in college admissions, parenting, and finances while also upholding my professional development and integrity.

Maintaining Excellence in Practice ✨

Upholding our practice requires a blend of strategies, including active memberships, achieving certifications, and engaging in professional development. These actions ensure we stay leaders in our field, providing unparalleled guidance to the families we assist. Further, continuous learning not only broadens our expertise but also affirms our dedication to quality service, reflecting our commitment to growth, client focus, and proactive engagement.

In our unique role as Independent Educational Consultants (IECs), we enjoy the freedom to design educational pathways tailored to the specific needs of the students and families we support. This autonomy enables us to innovate in educational consulting, developing customized strategies that mirror our in-depth comprehension of the college application landscape, adolescent development, and the wider educational sphere.

In order to sustain our credibility and uphold the rigorous intellectual and ethical standards demanded in our profession, it is crucial to continually seek opportunities to enhance our practice. This may involve pursuing advanced certifications, participating in professional development workshops, or delving into the latest educational and developmental research. Each step forward in acquiring knowledge and skills propels us towards excellence.

Pathways to Elevate Your Practice

I’ve curated many options for those new to the world of Independent Educational Consulting. I aim to ensure we remain trusted advisors capable of navigating the intricacies of college admissions and making a significant impact on the lives of students and families we serve. 

Pathways to Professional Excellence

1. Professional Associations

Joining professional associations offers opportunities for networking, learning, and staying updated on industry trends. These associations provide certifications and memberships that signify a consultant’s commitment to best practices and continuous learning.

2. Academic Institutions

Certification programs offered by universities and colleges cover a broad spectrum of relevant topics, such as admissions counseling, financial aid, and career advising, equipping consultants with comprehensive knowledge.

  • UCLA Extension’s College Counseling Certificate
  • UC Berkeley Extension’s Certificate Program in College Admissions and Career Planning

3. Specialized Certification Programs

Pursuing specialized certifications can distinguish consultants with a high level of expertise and commitment to their practice.

4. Online and Continuing Education Programs

The rise of online education has made accessible a wealth of programs focusing on aspects crucial to college admissions consulting, from essay writing to test preparation strategies.

5. Capstone Curriculum Certification: A Field Guide to The College Application Process

The Capstone Certification Program offers a comprehensive, standards-aligned program that enriches consultants’ expertise in guiding students through the college application process with a holistic approach.

Benefits of Capstone Curriculum Certification:

  • Program Mastery: Deep understanding of the curriculum’s framework and the application of innovative teaching methods.
  • Professional Development: Engagement in activities that align with the latest best practices in college counseling.
  • Ethos Commitment: Alignment with the program’s core values, such as service, growth mindset, and proactive engagement.
  • Community and Collaboration: Membership in a supportive network of professionals focused on continuous improvement and sharing best practices.
  • Curriculum Licensing: Certified candidates gain the option to license and use Laura Barr’s Capstone Curriculum materials. This access allows educators to utilize a comprehensive set of resources designed to facilitate every stage of the college application process, from early exploration to final decision-making.

Commitment to Professional Growth

By exploring these pathways, educational consultants can ensure they remain at the forefront of the field, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to provide exceptional guidance to the families they serve. Continuous professional development is not just a requirement but a responsibility we bear in shaping the futures of the students we guide. Let us embrace this journey with a commitment to excellence, service, and a continuous learning mindset.

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