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Laura Barr Certified Educational Consultant
Laura Barr
Certified Educational Consultant
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Educational Services
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College Consulting

What we offer?

I provide educational consulting for young people and their parents who are exploring educational and school choices, educational advocacy, college consulting, and parent education. I am your partner, your coach and your advocate in your child’s educational path from cradle to college.

What makes e.Merging
Consulting unique?

Teacher. Mother. Leader. Advocate. Nurturer. Friend. Inspirer. Influencer. Entrepreneur. Coach. Mentor. Change Agent. Steward. Partner.

Equity Statement: I wake up every day to inspire families and students of all backgrounds to embrace their “story” and to create an educational path that is inspired by race, ethnicity, gender, economic status, and zip code. I believe in the transformative power of education and am committed to making the road to adequately funded, well-administered, and high-quality education available to everyone. I believe in the power of youth to uphold our democracy.

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