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College Consultant Online Course

Capstone Certification

Elevate Your College Consulting Career

Are you a passionate high school counselor looking to venture into the world of becoming an Independent Educational Consultant? Are you a parent with a wealth of knowledge about college consulting and a burning desire to turn it into a thriving practice? Are you an existing college consultant looking to scale your practice, looking to achieve your C.E.P. distinction, create a unique edge in a competitive market, and become part of a dynamic community?

Whether you are an educator, a counselor, a mentor, or simply someone with a heart for helping students, this program offers the tools and insights you need to support and inspire effectively. You will learn to apply a holistic approach to college applications, focusing on academic achievements, personal growth, resilience, and self-discovery. You will join a community of like-minded individuals committed to Growing Good Humans.

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What is the Capstone Curriculum?

At the heart of our educational philosophy lies the Capstone Curriculum: A Field Guide for the College Application Process. The Capstone curriculum, written by Laura Barr, is a cyclical, standards and values-based learning experience designed to empower students as they navigate their educational journey. This innovative curriculum guides mentors and educational consultants in creating a launch pad for their students to apply their knowledge, skills, and passions in real-world contexts. When you sign up for the 8-week course, you are all saying “Yes” to a community of learners, access to 50+ lessons, Ask Me Anything events, and leading professionals in the field of college consulting. You become a “licensee” and have access to all materials and events.

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The Capstone Curriculum Certification is a comprehensive program designed for educational consultants to enhance their practice and gain certification and licensure. This standards-based curriculum encompasses over 50 lessons and a student workbook, guiding students through the complete college application process.

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Join Our Capstone Certification Program

During our 8-week web-based program, our seasoned professionals will empower you with a proven, standards-based process that promotes processes and outcomes. The program includes in-person sessions, 24/7 access to 50+ lessons and videos, and a free one-year subscription to our Capstone Collaborative Community.

  • Gain access to a structured curriculum that empowers you to start or enhance your consulting practice.
  • Access comprehensive resources, lesson plans, and supporting materials to excel in your consulting business.
  • Differentiate yourself with the unique expeditionary learning philosophy and standards-based approach.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with continuous professional development opportunities.
  • Obtain a prestigious Capstone Curriculum Certification upon completion.
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The Online Capstone Certification Course

Let us teach you how to coach the nation’s only Capstone Curriculum that takes students through their entire high school journey in preparation for a successful transition to higher learning and beyond. We have created a standards-based curriculum and are excited to partner with vibrant educators and consultants who see the college application process as a journey to launching citizens.

This program is more than a certification; it’s an opportunity to join a community committed to guiding students through one of the most pivotal phases of their lives. By joining us, you will gain in-depth knowledge of the Capstone Curriculum, which is steeped in the principles of expeditionary learning and personal development.

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The Capstone Certification Course

Each week is structured to progressively build your expertise and understanding, ensuring that you’re not only equipped with the necessary tools but also imbued with the insights and wisdom to make a real difference in the lives of your students. From understanding the foundations of a robust college consulting curriculum to mastering the nuances of essay writing and application strategy, our program is a foundation for those who aspire to lead with knowledge, empathy, and effectiveness.

Week 1: Foundations of College Consulting Curriculum
  • Discover the significance of using a specialized curriculum in college consulting.
  • Learn about the Expeditionary Learning Framework and its impact.
  • Understand the benefits of a cyclical, standards-based Curriculum and its relevance to college consulting.
  • Delve into the Essential Questions and expected outcomes of the Capstone Curriculum™.
Week 2: Developmental Stages and Mentorship in College Applications
  • Gain insights into the various stages of the college application process.
  • Explore the evolving role of a mentor through each developmental stage.
  • Learn about the Values-Based Curriculum Model and its application.
  • Study the principles of the Universally Designed Curriculum and Workshop Model.
  • Grasp the Cyclical Approach to college consulting for effective guidance.
Week 3: Mentoring and Coaching Techniques
  • Examine the mentor’s role in student-centered coaching practices
  • Learn about the importance of ‘beautiful questions’ in coaching.
  • Understand the impact of a growth mindset and grit in college applications.
  • Experience the perspective of becoming a student in the application process.
Week 4: Beginning the College Journey
  • Introduction to Early Expedition: the initial phase of the college journey.
  • Explore themes of vulnerability and core values in the application process.
  • Investigate student’s personal identity and its importance in college selection.
  • Learn to create a comprehensive student snapshot.
  • Plan academic pathways and envision future careers, including resume development.
  • Understand what traits colleges seek in applicants.
Week 5: Deepening the College Exploration
  • Start the Middle Expedition: a deeper exploration into college preparation.
  • Learn the art of storytelling and sharing personal experiences with your students.
  • Delve into Academic Exploration and enhance resumes and Activity Lists.
  • Conduct thorough College Research and finalize college selection.
  • Define academic interests and reasons for choosing specific majors.
Week 6: Finalizing the College Application Strategy
  • Begin the Late Expedition: finalizing the application strategy.
  • Prepare for college interviews and fine-tune academic courses.
  • Align chosen majors with career goals and create a professional LinkedIn profile.
  • Learn the steps to create and finalize compelling college applications.
  • Guiding students in making discerning decisions about college choices.
Week 7: Designing Your Own Essay Practice
  • Learn effective techniques for designing impactful college essays.
  • Explore the role of the mentor as a guiding writer.
  • Understand the concept of ‘Shitty First Drafts’ and its place in essay writing.
  • Discover Ethan Sawyer’s approach and Laura Barr’s unique perspective on personal statements.
  • Learn about ethical writing practices, including the use of tools like ChatGPT.
Week 8: Integration and Future Growth
  • Learn how to integrate all lessons and maximize the benefits of the Capstone Collaborative Community.
  • Plan the next steps for your consulting practice, building on the knowledge and skills acquired.

Exclusive membership to a Community Forum focusing on best practices in instruction in college consulting and processes. Access to hundreds of curated and relevant Mentor Resources and Capstone Articles to help uplevel your practice. LIVE Collaborative Conversation Events with Laura Barr. Learning Live Events with Laura Barr. Group Chat Room ️ to converse and collaborate with fellow Capstone Certification members. Access to real Mentor Recordings with students.

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A Field Guide to the College Application Process. Elevate your educational consultant business today!

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    This course is more than just a learning experience; it’s a call to action, urging us to provide every child with the tools and opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the world. Together, we are not just educating; we are shaping the future by nurturing the minds and hearts of the next generation.

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    For businesses serving high-school students, take advantage of our standards-based curriculum to catapult your offerings to the next level. We offer licensing opportunities and discounts on our train-the-trainer program for group enrollments.

    Our Capstone Curriculum is the perfect complement to the test prep services you offer to help you diversify your income and protect your business against changes in federal regulations. Our proven process cycles through all four years of high school, which means client retention and reliable revenue. We offer discount rates for businesses that want to partner with us to train your instructors and license our curriculum.

    • Are you a school or organization that is committed to creating a process to support students in the college application process?
    • Are you an educational consultant who wants to scale your business without re-creating the wheel?
    • Are you a test prep company that wants to maintain your revenue in a test-optional landscape?
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    Meet Your Instructor

    Laura Barr

    These courses are taught by Laura Barr. As the founder and mastermind behind the curriculum, there’s no better person than Laura to guide you on your learning adventure. Laura possesses more than 20 years of experience as an educator, administrator, writer, and instructional coach. She possesses a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, a Certified Education Planner (C.E.P.) credential, and a Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction – Student-Centered Coaching. She has helped launch thousands of students to become fiercely independent citizens and trained numerous professionals in her methodology.

    Memberships and Certifications

    Join Our Professional Community

    Our Professional community provides you with 24/7 access to like-minded professionals who are focused on getting students into college and launching citizens. It’s the perfect place to share ideas, demonstrate thought leadership, and glean new insights to strengthen and expand your offerings.

    Become part of an exclusive community of driven professionals committed to launching citizens while helping students navigate the college application process. Collaborate with like-minded professionals committed to making a significant impact in the field of college consulting.

    Enter the Capstone Collaborative Community, where dedication to nurturing and developing good humans meets a comprehensive approach to guiding students throughout the entire college application process.

    Join Our Community

    Perks of Our Community

    Community Forum

    The Community Forum on Circle is a dedicated space for sharing information, brainstorming ideas, and collaboration. Here, you’ll discover many resources, including articles and news items. It’s also an interactive platform where community members are encouraged to ask questions and seek information on various topics. This section fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas and knowledge among all participants.

    Group Chat Room

    Group Chat in our community serves as a vibrant hub where members can either engage in lively group discussions or opt for private conversations through direct messaging. These chat spaces are reminiscent of the classic chat rooms from the early days of the internet, offering a space where members can interact with each other in real time. Whether it’s a group exchange or a one-on-one dialogue, our chat feature provides a flexible and user-friendly platform for all types of communication within our community. It’s an ideal place for sharing ideas, asking questions, or simply connecting with fellow members in an engaging and dynamic environment.

    Monthly Collaborative Conversations: Live with Laura Barr

    Our monthly “Collaborative Conversations” are dynamic live events hosted by Laura Barr on the Circle platform. These sessions are dedicated to exploring current hot topics in our field, addressing challenges with parents or clients, and delving into matters related to both personal and professional development. These conversations are designed to facilitate open dialogue, learning, and growth within our community.

    Mentor Resource Section

    The “Mentor Resources Section” acts as our virtual “Library,” featuring a carefully curated collection of resources that we continuously update and expand. This evolving repository is designed to be interactive and collaborative. We encourage you to actively engage with the content, whether it’s through commenting on sections, providing feedback, or contributing your own insights and knowledge. Your input is highly valued, and we welcome you to bring your expertise to the table, enriching our collective resource pool.

    Growing Good Humans YouTube Channel

    This is a treasure trove of archived interviews featuring a host of experts committed to assisting parents and counselors through the college application process. This channel centers around key themes such as the ‘launch’ phase of college applications, mental health considerations, and using evidence-based practices with a data-driven approach. Each interview offers valuable insights and guidance from seasoned professionals in the field, making it an invaluable resource for anyone seeking support and knowledge in navigating the complexities of the college application journey.

    Additionally, your membership includes live monthly webinars, lectures, and online gatherings in addition to ongoing conversation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the Capstone Curriculum Certification Program for?

    The Capstone Curriculum Certification Program is designed for a diverse audience, including:

    • Existing college consultants looking to gain a unique edge in a competitive market.
    • Passionate school counselors interested in venturing into educational consulting.
    • Parents with extensive knowledge about college admissions aiming to turn it into a thriving practice.
    • Educators, mentors, and anyone dedicated to helping students navigate the college application process with a holistic approach.

    What does the Capstone Curriculum Certification Program offer?

    This comprehensive program offers the following benefits:

    • Access to a structured curriculum empowering you to start or enhance your consulting practice.
    • Comprehensive resources, including lesson plans and supporting materials, to excel in your consulting business.
    • A unique selling point through the expeditionary learning philosophy and standards-based approach.
    • Continuous professional development opportunities to stay ahead in the field.
    • A prestigious Capstone Curriculum Certification upon completion.

    What is included in the 8-week Capstone Curriculum Certification Program?

    The program includes:

    • Access to the Capstone Collaborative Community
    • Access to our Capstone Collaborative Mentor Resources
    • 8 In-Depth Units with Videos from Laura Barr and Hundreds of Articles and Resources.
    • 50+ Lesson Plans to Up-Level Your Practice
    • Exclusive Access to Live Capstone Collaborative Conversations
    • Live Stream Podcast Events and Archives
    • Engagement with a Proven, Standards-Based Process that Promotes Positive Outcomes in the College Application Process.

    What is the commitment to enroll in the Capstone Certification Program?

    Time commitment is approximately 2 hours per week. We ask for weekly engagement within the course as well as in the Capstone Collaborative community. Members are provided with optionally resources and lessons for deeper study if desired. There are also opportunities to attend live sessions with Laura Barr once a month.

    Is there a money-back guarantee for the Capstone Curriculum Certification Program?

    Yes, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you join the community, actively participate in the sessions, and find them not valuable within 30 days of your enrollment date, simply send us an email, and we will promptly refund your payment.

    What additional benefits are available in the Capstone Collaborative Community?

    In our dynamic community, you can expect:

    • A Community Forum for sharing information and collaboration.
    • Group Chat Rooms for engaging in discussions.
    • Monthly Collaborative Conversations hosted by our experts.
    • A Mentor Resource Section with a curated collection of resources.
    • Access to the Growing Good Humans YouTube Channel for expert interviews.
    • Live monthly webinars, lectures, and online gatherings for ongoing learning and networking.

    Are group rates available for licensing the Capstone Curriculum and training instructors?

    Yes, we offer group rates for licensing our curriculum and training instructors. For groups of 5 or more, we provide a 20% discount on licensing fees. Apply for a group rate to explore this opportunity further.

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