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Here at Emerging, we’re passionate about creating pathways to college success for students of all backgrounds. In Episode 13, we spotlight the incredible work of College Living Experience (CLE). CLE helps individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), NVLD, dyslexia, and other disabilities develop the skills needed for college success and independent living. Join us as we explore how CLE empowers students to thrive in college and beyond!

Jamie Kidder, an Iowa native, is an alum of the University of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire University and is currently the National Director of Outreach for College Living Experience. Jamie is passionate about students’ college success and experiences!

Prior to joining CLE, she spent 23 years in higher education administration and has always had a passion for students and their success, especially those students who face hurdles in learning and in life. Jamie understands the rigors of higher education, learning strategies, and human dynamics and uses this understanding to help guide students and their families toward academic success and independence.

Today, we will be discussing questions such as: 

  • What is CLE? What does it involve or include for those who are unfamiliar?
  • Where does my student attend college when enrolled in CLE?
  • How can we involve our child in the transition planning process to foster independence and self-efficacy?
  • How do you help students find friends?
  • What resources are available to support neurodiverse students in developing communication skills?
  • How do you match roommates?
  • What’s the difference between CLE and the support services offered on a college campus?
  • How can we ensure that our child’s accommodations are effectively implemented and maintained throughout their college experience?
  • Do you support young adults who don’t do well in college or don’t want to go to college at all

We have included some resources Jamie would like to share with the community as well! 

  • CLE Viewbook; a birds-eye view of our supports, including details about each specific center (housing/academic options)  CLE Viewbook

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