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I vividly remember when my daughter was preparing for the college transition.

The excitement, the nerves, and the endless checklist of things to do. One particular Friday stands out when we were knee-deep in packing supplies and scheduling appointments. It felt overwhelming, but ticking off each task brought a sense of accomplishment and readiness.

Now, as we gear up for the next exciting chapter in your student’s life, it’s essential to keep a few key reminders close at hand. With fall just around the corner, there can be a whirlwind of emotions and to-dos. But fear not! By ticking off these tasks, you’ll set the stage for a smooth transition into the college journey with confidence and ease.

To-Dos for a Smooth College Transition

1. Schedule Immunizations

Ensure your student has all the required vaccinations before stepping onto campus. Get in touch with your healthcare provider to schedule these appointments and discuss any college-specific requirements.

2. Plan Ahead for Annual Check-Ups ️

Book dentist and physical appointments for winter break now. It’s a great way to stay on top of healthcare matters and avoid the holiday rush!

3. Locate Nearby Medical Facilities

Your student should familiarize themselves with nearby urgent care centers, emergency rooms, and drugstores. Knowing where to go in case of a medical need can provide peace of mind.

4. Stay Updated via Portals

Encourage your student to check their college’s online portals. These are goldmines for important updates, course materials, and announcements.

5. Book Parent Weekend Accommodations

If your student’s college hosts a parent weekend, book your hotels and flights now. These events fill up fast, so securing your spot early ensures you won’t miss out.

6. Plan for Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is a popular time for students to come home. Book flights early in the fall to snag the best deals and ensure availability.

7. Avoid Overpacking

Dorm rooms are cozy and compact. Help your student pack by making a list of essentials and considering space-saving storage solutions.

8. Purchase Dorm Essentials

Create a checklist for dorm necessities like bedding, toiletries, and desk supplies. Coordinate with roommates to avoid duplicates and maximize space.

9. Create a Budget

Discuss financial responsibilities with your student and set up a budget. Cover everything from tuition fees and textbooks to personal expenses. Understanding finances is crucial for managing money wisely.

10. Set Up a Bank Account

If your student doesn’t already have one, now’s the time to open a bank account. It’s a GREAT step towards financial independence.

11. Handle Personal Matters

Before heading to college, ensure your student updates their driver’s license, fills anyprescriptions, and informs relevant parties about their upcoming plans.

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Laura Barr is a deeply experienced and passionate college consultant, founder of Emerging Educational Consulting, and creator of the Capstone Certification program. She is dedicated to helping families and professionals navigate the college application process with simplicity, deliberation, and joy. Want to learn more about our services? Tell us your story!