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Laura Barr is a force of nature in the field of education. With over 30 years dedicated to advocacy and progressive education, Laura’s journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to empowering students and parents to create an educational path that supports student self-efficacy and growing good humans. This commitment is further enriched by her personal experience as a parent of four children, including one with special needs. Her passion for equal access and diversity, combined with her deep understanding of the challenges and triumphs of parenting, creates a triangle of excellence, making her an invaluable resource in the educational community.

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Laura Barr

Laura’s career spans three decades of transformative work in education. She is a master of progressive educational practices and possesses what many call “superpower parenting skills.” Her vibrant spirit of advocacy has positively impacted thousands of children and families, providing them with tools and support for navigating the educational landscape and raising (and launching) good humans. Additionally, Laura is the author of “The Entitlement Antidote,” a book where she invites parents to apply the science of innovation to parenting. Through this work, she offers fresh perspectives and practical strategies to help parents nurture responsible, empowered, and innovative thinkers in today’s world.

The Entitlement Antidote™

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Raising kids is a challenge! Children who are raised in home with structure, balance and self-efficacy tend to do better in school, college, and in life. Download The Entitlement Antidote™ to learn how to write your own parenting narrative.

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    Topics of Expertise

    As a popular speaker and podcast host/guest, Laura captivates audiences with her warm approach and real-life anecdotes from raising four independent children and supporting thousands of parents/students. Her extensive knowledge and firsthand experiences resonate deeply with a diverse audience. Her presentations are a rich tapestry of practical advice, motivational stories, and a steadfast dedication to educational excellence. Laura’s fervor lies in steering students toward fulfilling educational journeys and instilling a passion for lifelong learning.


    This topic delves into research-based strategies for cultivating kindness and empathy in teenagers. It explores parenting and mentoring approaches that encourage teens to develop compassionate, considerate behaviors essential for personal growth and societal interactions.


    This area focuses on understanding the criteria and qualities colleges and universities prioritize in their selection process. It might include insights on academic achievements, extracurricular activities, personal essays, and the increasing importance of character and individuality in applicants.

    College Applications as a Tool for Growth

    Here, the emphasis is on using the college application process as a developmental tool, guiding students not just to secure a place in higher education but also to grow as individuals. This talk approach likely includes building self-awareness, resilience, and a growth mindset.

    Neurodiversity in College Applications

    This critical topic addresses the unique challenges and strengths of neurodiverse students during the college application process, including accommodations, highlighting individual talents, and finding colleges that offer robust support for neurodiverse students.

    The Entitlement Antidote in Education

    Implementing the principles from Laura’s book to counteract entitlement and foster responsibility in students.

    For College Consultants

    A Few Past Topics

    • The Role of Positive Psychology in College Consulting
    • Innovative Approaches to Building Student Confidence
    • The Science of Motivation in Educational Consulting
    • Integrating Parents into Your College Consulting Practice
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    “Laura has a gift for guiding parents in educational matters that is unique and life-changing. Laura’s knowledge of parent education and child development has directly impacted my educational perspective and how I interact with my children’s educators and my children. Her talk on the Entitlement Antidote was inspiring.”

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    Kind Words

    “We were so impressed with how easily we could absorb Laura’s tips and immediately use her recommendations accordingly. She provided us with valuable insights about the educational landscape and parenting in a way one else has ever done.”

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