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Raising kids to be good citizens who thrive in higher learning environments has become more complex than ever. Laura Barr is an expert speaker who delivers engaging presentations bringing clarity to the battle against entitlement and the college application process. Able to speak on myriad topics, Laura tells it how it is, giving parents, academic administrators, teachers, counselors, and other interested parties the truth they need to hear and tips that actually work.

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The Entitlement Antidote™

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Raising kids is a challenge! Children who are raised in home with structure, balance and self-efficacy tend to do better in school, college, and in life. Download The Entitlement Antidote™ to learn how to write your own parenting narrative.

    Meet the Speaker

    Laura Barr

    Laura Barr is a dynamic speaker and advocates for using the college application process to “launch citizens.” Her unique approach takes students on a meaningful journey of identity formation that helps them find their passion and purpose. Parents can assist with this process by transforming their mindset from “managing” their teens to “guiding” and “collaborating” with them. Through webinars, lunch and learns, and in-person engagements, Laura teaches parents how to maximize the college application process to produce responsible, independent individuals who thrive as young adults.

    Laura is concerned with supporting students’ overall well-being while getting them into great schools through a process that is simple, deliberate, and joyful. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience via speaking engagements.

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    “While our children are still home with us, we must nourish them, provide a safe and nurturing shelter, love them for who they are and support their interests, and teach them the skills and values that will foster independence and prepare them to lead a meaningful, fulfilling adult life.”

    Julie Lythcott-Haime, Author of How to Raise an Adult
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    Past Topics

    • The Entitlement Antidote: Top Tips for Raising
      Kids in Privilege (For Parents)
    • Raising Citizens: How to Use the College Application Process
      as a Launching Pad (For Parents & Counselors/Teachers)
    • How to Support your High School Students
      During the College Application Process (For Parents)
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    Kind Words

    “We were so impressed with how easily we could absorb Laura’s tips and immediately use her recommendations accordingly. She provided us with valuable insights about the educational landscape and parenting in a way one else has ever done.”

    Parent | A.C.

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