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The Common Application requires students to share the “story” of their high school years by including transcript, test scores, activities list, resume, personal statement, and supplemental essays.

College admissions officers are also looking for character traits that “bring the student to life beyond the numbers.” The student’s responsibility is to prove these traits throughout the college application.

One of the top traits students are looking for is DRIVE.

To learn more about Drive and Motivation check out Daniel Pink’s Book and Podcast on parenting for Grit and Drive!

What is Drive?

  • Driven students push themselves to succeed no matter the odds.
  • Driven students usually have confronted difficult situations and emerged stronger, wiser, and determined.
  • They are confident in their ability to solve new challenges.

Why is Drive Important?

  • Colleges know that the transition after high school can be challenging—college students face tougher classes, more activities, and new social pressures.
  • Driven students are likely to overcome these challenges to graduate, do well in classes, and succeed after graduating.