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How Do We Educate Parents for Students to Succeed in College? 

I am wondering…

How much responsibility do we have as IECs to be parent educators?

Can we truly serve our students without guiding parents on information?

For a long time, I felt parent education and college consulting were different.

My Transformative Thought:

Parents need support and guidance, and I believe that IECs have a unique opportunity to support them so our students know where they want to go, what they want to do, and who they want to be when they get there.

  • As IECs we are often tasked with “getting our students” into college. From all of my conversations with hundreds of IEC, I know that we wake up to guide and support our students so they will GET INTO college and SUCCEED when we get there.
  • As IECs we have an opportunity to be “guides” for students on their journey.
  • As IECs, we have an amazing opportunity to “guide” our parents on how to support students through this journey.
  • As IECs, we have an opportunity to instill habits, values, and self-efficacy.

In my Ask Me Anything Event with @HannaStotland and I addressed HEAD ON the issues related to Title 9 and sexual consent.

Hanna’s advice is priceless:

  • Encourage students to think of themselves as the driver of their own experience. It is their right!
  • Create open and trusting relationships with your students so they feel comfortable telling parents: I am in trouble
  • Stress kindness!
  • Educate students on what it means to be a Sexual Citizen (And read the book)

Click Here if you want to watch the entire 30-minute interview!

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