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There are many ways to get involved with the Emerging community. Whether you’re a college consultant, coach, counselor, success coach, application manager, mentor, or test prep company, we can help you streamline your efforts to help high-school students successfully transition into higher-learning rockstars and contributing citizens.

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Get Certified

This comprehensive, eight-week certification course will help you expand your existing career and open new opportunities for you to help build our future leaders. You get a turnkey curriculum to start your practice and a free year of access to our community.

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Join Our Professional Community

Become part of an exclusive community of driven professionals committed to launching citizens while helping students navigate the college application process. Collaborate with other professionals while maintaining leading-edge knowledge of the field!

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Partner With Us

For businesses serving high-school students, take advantage of our standards-based curriculum to catapult your offerings to the next level. We offer licensing opportunities and discounts on our train-the-trainer program for group enrollments.

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Get Certified

8 Week Certification Course
  • Are you an independent education consultant ready to scale your business?
  • Do you need a turnkey solution to begin a career in college consulting?

Let us teach you how to coach the nation’s only Capstone curriculum that takes students through their entire high-school journey in preparation for a successful transition to higher learning and beyond. We have created a standards-based curriculum and are excited to partner with vibrant educators and consultants who see the college application process as a journey to launching citizens.

Become a Certified Capstone Curriculum Expert. During our 8-week web-based program, our seasoned professionals will empower you with a proven, standards-based process that promotes processes and outcomes. The program includes in-person sessions, 24/7 access to 50+ lessons and videos, and a free one-year subscription to our Parent Community.

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Join Our Community

Professional Development Programs to Launch Your Business and Students
  • Are you a counselor or consultant seeking an intimate, professional community?
  • Do you crave up-to-date and relevant information to support your thriving practice?
  • Do you have an existing student-related business you’d like to take to the next level?

Our Professional community provides you with 24/7 access to like-minded professionals who are focused on getting students into college and launching citizens. It’s the perfect place to share ideas, demonstrate thought leadership, and glean new insights to strengthen and expand your offerings. Additionally, your membership includes live monthly webinars, lectures, and online gatherings in addition to ongoing conversation.

Prerequisite: Completion of the Capstone Curriculum Certified Course

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Partner With Us

License Our Curriculum + Train Instructors
  • Are you a school or organization that is committed to creating a process to support student in the college application process?
  • Are you an educational consultant that wants to scale your business without re-creating the wheel?
  • Are you a test prep company that wants to maintain your revenue in a test-optional landscape?

Our Capstone Curriculum is the perfect complement to the test prep services you offer to help you diversify your income and protect your business against changes in federal regulations. Our proven process cycles through all four years of high school, which means client retention and reliable revenue. We offer discount rates for businesses that want to partner with us to train your instructors and license our curriculum.

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The Capstone Curriculum™

Week 1:
  • Why use a curriculum in college consulting?
  • What is an Expeditionary Learning Framework
  • Value of a Cyclical Curriculum
  • Why standards-based?
  • The Essential Questions
  • Outcomes of Capstone Curriculum™
Week 2:
  • Stages of Development in College Application Process
  • Role of the Mentor through each of the stages
  • Workshop Model
Week 3:
  • Learning Targets
  • Lesson Overview
Week 4:
  • Early Expedition
  • Lessons
Week 5:
  • Middle Expedition
  • Lessons
Week 6:
  • Late Expedition
  • Lessons
Week 7:
  • Execution of Curriculum
  • Parent Engagement
Week 8:
  • Putting it all together


“Laura Barr is a counselor and consultant. Notably, she is also an educator and a teacher. Her expeditionary learning curriculum is pioneering. To Laura, college, career, and gap year planning are essential steps in growing up. Her curriculum includes personal awareness, academic planning, employability skills, and even financial literacy. In addition, she is a mentor who works to give young people the tools they need to develop self-efficacy, accountability, grit, information literacy, and collaboration.”

Dr. Stephen Antonoff, Leading Educational Consultant & Author
Meet Your Instructor

Laura Barr

These courses are taught by Laura Barr. As the founder and mastermind behind the curriculum, there’s no better person than Laura to guide you on your learning adventure. Laura possesses more than 20 years of experience as an educator, administrator, writer, and instructional coach. She possesses a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, a Certified Education Planner (C.E.P.) credential, and a Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction – Student-Centered Coaching. She has helped launch thousands of students to become fiercely independent citizens and trained numerous professionals in her methodology.

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