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I miss the teacher’s lounge.

I miss the cookies, doughnuts, PB&J, the cool water in the cooler, and random magazines we would never have bought for ourselves. The teacher’s lounge was our refuge from the organized chaos of 32 students.

The teacher’s lounge was the place to collaborate, find “think partners,” play with ideas, and get smarter together.

When I became an educational consultant, I realized that counselors didn’t have an equivalent to the “teacher’s lounge.”

College Counselors typically work alone, and while there are incredible associations such as HECA and IECA, I couldn’t find a Professional Learning community dedicated to curriculum development and living my instruction.

Capstone Collaborative

That is why I created the Capstone Collaborative. We are a virtual “teacher’s lounge” dedicated to providing a community of dedicated college counselors committed to learning and growing in our profession and our “instruction.”

Our Winter cohort is halfway through the 8-week certification program. These past few weeks we have to work through Early Expedition in the curriculum covering topics such as personality inventories, how to include parents in college consulting and managing executive function challenges.

“I am navigating the amazing content within this curriculum. It truly is amazing, Laura, and definitely much to think about, learn and absorb. And I am so grateful for the discussion here in this Room; it’s been wonderful to hear everyone’s experiences and what they have been working on. It’s a huge wealth of knowledge here to learn from.”

While there are no cookies and cakes in our lounge, we have found in each other a cohort of learners committed to getting smarter each and every day!

If you are interested in getting on our waitlist for the spring cohort, please inquire here so that we can set up a time to talk!

Join our Capstone Collaborative today!