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I don’t know is NOT an ANSWER!!!!

Each week I get to meet face-to-face with teenagers who are committed to thinking about their future. My job is to guide these students by asking them questions about their beliefs, hopes, and wonders. It’s surprising how many of these brilliant students will answer “I don’t know” questions about their interests, preferences, and opinions.

We love the challenges of asking the “better question” so that our students get from not knowing to KNOWING.

It is my passion to help these students unlock their potential by asking better questions:

– What would it look like if you did know?
– Can you Pretend as if you know?
– What exactly don’t you know?
– How can we work together so that you do know?
– What knowledge do you have to have to answer the question?
– What would you best friend say about you?

These simple questions encourage teens to think more deeply. We give them time to ponder, think, and muddle in the discomfort it takes to “know thyself.”

Our coaching approach is embedded with techniques that have the potential to move from “I don’t know” to discovering answers that will guide them in getting into college, securing future employment, and simply living a good life.

Tell Us Your Story and we can help starting asking better questions for you and your student, to get our of the unknown in the college application process.

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