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We were so thrilled to be joined by Lara Baker, Senior Partner and Head of the Criminal Litigation Practice Group at Foster Graham Milstein and Calisher. She’s a legal powerhouse with vast experience in criminal, juvenile, and Title IX litigation. Lara’s credentials speak for themselves – serving on boards, accolades, and recognitions like Best Lawyers in America, 5280 Magazine’s ‘Top Lawyers,’ and Colorado Super Lawyers.

Questions we discussed:

📱 Should we keep an eye on our kids’ cell phones and how?

👧🧒 When is the right age for kids to have a cell phone?

😬 How can kids run into trouble with cell phones?

🍻 We know kids may experiment with drinking – how should we handle it?

🙈 How do we broach conversations about sex offenses with our kids?

🚓 What if law enforcement or the school contacts us about allegations involving our child? What steps should we take?

And more!!