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We were so lucky to be joined by a true expert in the field of STEM research today! is a Professor of the Practice of Biomedical Engineering and Global Health, Emeritus at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. He is also the Academic Director of the International Research Institute of North Carolina.

Dr. Malkin was the founder and Director of Engineering World Health and The Global Public Service Academies, organizations dedicated to improving healthcare in the developing world.

He is joining Emerging for a Power Half-Hour session today to focus on high school students interested in possibly studying STEM-related fields!

Topics included:

  • How can High Schoolers best prepare for applying to colleges with a focus in STEM?
  • Why do universities care about research?
  • Are in-person lab positions better than remote lab positions?
  • Can you really do research remotely?
  • Are there any things to look for in a mentor for remote research?
  • Is a research summer program long enough?
  • Does it matter if I do a group program or a one-on-one program?

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