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Dreaming of Sunshine and Summer

Today is 70 Degrees in Colorado !!!!

Tomorrow is supposed to snow?? What???

I am DREAMING of summer and sunshine and practicing what I preach to my students:

☀ Take risks.
☀ Try something new.
☀ Get Curious.
☀ Get Smarter.
☀ Have fun!

This summer I am going to:
– Read David Copperfield by Dickens (I just finished Deamon Copperfield by Barbara Kingsolver)
– Attend Devon’s (my baby) graduation at Chapman University.
– Visit colleges in North Carolina (UNC, Duke, Davidson etc.).
– Complete my first triathlon in Avon in August.
– Build a new garden and grow tomatoes, zucchini, and sunflower!
– Take a writing class at Lighthouse Writer’s.
– See my brothers and sisters (I have 3 siblings and I miss them!).
– Expand my Jazz Repertoire (We have an awesome turn table!).

What are YOU going to do with your summer?

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