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At e.Merging Educational Consulting, our philosophy is that true success in creating educational environments requires the work of families, of schools and of organizations.

About e.Merging

e.Merging Educational Consulting has been providing educational consulting services from our Denver, Colorado office since 2007.  Founded by master educator and parent advocate, Laura Barr, e.Merging was originally started to help parents navigate the complex Denver educational landscape.  Since then, the consultancy has grown to serve schools, organizations and families nationwide.

Mission Statement:  The mission of e.Merging Educational Consulting is to empower parents, schools and organizations with information, strategies and tools to raise innovative, responsible, creative and inclusive human beings who will be powerful contributors and leaders in the the 21st century.

We work with parents, educators, administrators and executives to understand the educational needs of children and create strategic plans that result in student success.  We implement a collaborative approach that improves the outcomes of our consultative work for all involved.

Our Values:  At e.Merging we believe that everyone is always doing the best they can with resources they have.  Therefore, we  listen with an open mind, we withhold judgement and we focus on solutions and a way forward in a safe and nurturing environment.

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What is Educational Consulting?

Educational consultants help create the right fit between a student and her educational environment.  Whether we are working with a family to identify an appropriate school choice, or with a school to develop programs that are more inclusive to all human beings, the philosophy behind what we do remains the same.

Families may choose to hire an educational consultant to:

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