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“I know of no safe depository of the ultimate power of society but the people themselves and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take from them, but to inform discretion by education.” Thomas Jefferson

About e.Merging

e.Merging Educational consulting has been providing educational consulting services from our Denver office since 2005.  Founded by master educator, Laura Barr, e.Merging has been committed to empowering parents, schools, and organizations with research, evidence-based practices to drive decisions about parenting, school choice, and educational advocacy.  Twelve years later, the consultancy continues to develop and expand with a focus on working with schools and organizations who are committed to student engagement, collective efficacy and creating a professional development culture where student engagement is at the center of Professional Development.

Mission Statement:  The mission of e.Merging Educational Consulting is to inspire, engage, and empower school leaders and teachers to be extraordinary. 

Vision Statement:  Our vision is to transform one school at a time by engaging in radical collaboration with school leaders and teachers to elevate the teaching profession by expanding human, social and decisional capital.

The Why? When we invest in our teachers, we invest in the future of our democracy.  Our future depends on schools embracing in developing teacher capacity to develop what our democracy demands:  Ability to ask challenging and informed questions, to take on multiple perspectives and to apply and practice knowledge within context.

Our Values:  

We believe:

  • Teachers are scientists and innovators
  • Students engagement belongs at the center of every action, every day
  • Leaders and teachers need time for planning and reflection  
  • The feedback we get is as valuable as the feedback we give
  • Rigorous Curiosity
  • In research and evidence-based practices to inspire NEXT practice
  • Backward Design inspires innovative thinking and meaningful work
  • Students are motivated  by mentors, experts, audience, purpose and producing work that impacts the real world

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