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Educational Consulting and Training for Intentional Families

Keynote Speaking

Laura Barr and Mark Musselman deliver an inspirational and dynamic keynote experience with a “podcast style” that provides humor, joy and relevant message for teachers and school administrators. Get ready to laugh, cry and be inspired to re-commit to one of the most important professions in the world:  Being a teacher

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Professional Capital

e.Merging is passionate about inspiring and guiding school leadership in investing in highly committed, prepared and developed teachers who are committed to their own improvement and to empower the team to make effective judgments using their capabilities and experiences.  “Professional Capital is something that must be acquired, spread and reinvested by teacher themselves individually and together.” Andy Hargreaves

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Strategic Planning

The e.Merging team works directly with school leadership to develop a three to five-year strategic plan in the context of developing and sustaining professional capital in the school community.  Our collaborative style and years of experience inspires leaders to use best practice research committed and sustaining a culture of where teachers are learners, team players, committed, thoughtful and wise.


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