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Love Letters to the Parents

I love graduation season!

Our culture has so FEW rituals for our young people that I find myself often weeping with joy and pride as I watch our students “LAUNCH” from home to college. (Note: Bring tissue and sunglasses to the ceremony!)

Each year, I write a love letter to the parents of our students…A reminder that the joy of “launch,” often comes with a bit of grief:

Dearest Parents,

I hope this letter finds you in high spirits as you celebrate the milestone of your student’s high school graduation.  The college application process is often a demanding and emotional journey, and as parents, you have been instrumental in guiding your child along the way.

As the day approaches when your son/daughter will venture into higher education, it is natural to experience a mix of emotions—joy, and grief intertwining.

The joy is palpable!

It emanates from knowing that you have successfully raised a remarkable young adult, ready to embark on an exciting new chapter. The college years will present opportunities for personal growth, intellectual exploration, and the forging of lifelong friendships. Your child’s achievements reflect their hard work and the unwavering support and love you have provided as parents.

I also wanted you to know (from first-hand experience) that grief may sneak in as the “move-in” day approaches. Sending your child to college can be emotionally challenging as you navigate many feelings.

⚡It is normal to experience a sense of loss as your student flies from the nest!

⚡Take a minute to reflect on the countless memories you have created together.

⚡In this time of transition, I encourage you to nurture your own well-being. Allow yourself to experience and process the emotions that arise.

⚡Reach out to friends who have walked this path before, talk openly with siblings, and engage in self-care activities that bring YOU joy!

Next thing you know, you will be attending your child’s college graduation! (See photo of my son Devon who graduated last week!!)


Laura Barr

In July, we will offer an AMA on How to Balance Feelings of Joy and Grief with Dr. Dylan @Birchpscychology ! If you are interested please join us at the link above.