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I love school supplies.

I loved picking out my pens, my folders, and my notebooks (still do). The anticipation of the first day of school would cause butterflies in my stomach. The excitement for the year to come, the feeling of new beginnings.

For freshmen off to college, school supplies look a little different, and the list grows. It includes bedding, hangers, laundry detergent, and a mini-fridge. The anticipation looks different:

✏ “What dorm will I be in?”

✏ “Who will be my roommate?”

✏ “Will I make any friends?”

✏ “Will I like my classes?”

While freshman anxiety/anticipation is often talked about, there is the other side. The Parents.

When I dropped my first kid off at college, I had so much excitement for her. We unpacked her dorm room with the comforter that she had chosen and the clothes he had brought all the way from Denver to Ohio. My daughter and I walked around campus and dreamed about what the next four years would hold for her. Our family checked out the cute mid-west downtown and found some of my all-time favorite restaurants to this day. And then we said our goodbyes.

She was off and I flew back to Denver.

What are some things parents can do to help their students transition from high school to college? How can parents prepare their student while their student is STILL in high school to help with this transition? This is exactly what I will discuss in my upcoming Ask Me Anything event on Tuesday, August 29th at 12 pm MST.

I will be joined by Dr. Andrea Malkin Brenner who is a college transition educator and author who speaks with high school and college students and parents on the challenges related to the transition to college.

Questions that we will discuss include:

✏ What are the biggest first-year challenges?

✏ What are common first-year mistakes?

✏ What are the biggest differences between high school and college academics?

If you would like to join us in this conversation, you can register here.

Sometimes “school supplies” are more than just pens and notebooks. I can go beyond that to include the emotional supplies that students will need to succeed in college.

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