Raising children comes with huge responsibility and every child is different. I have a personal passion for advocacy for ALL children, and know first hand the struggles and challenges that can occur for families and for schools. As a mother of a child with learning differences and a partner to countless families who have needed my support, I have spent many hours collaborating with parents, students, and schools to create sustainable learning plans that support student growth for students with ADHD, Dyslexia, Executive Functioning and Profoundly Gifted needs, among others. As a result of 18 years of advocating for my daughter and hundreds of other students throughout the country, I have developed a style that is both collaborative and fierce.

We will start with an introductory session which can include:

  • Development of IEP, 504 or Individual Learning Plan
  • Attendance at IEP team meetings if needed
  • School choice strategy
  • Kindergarten readiness evaluations
  • Referral and debrief of neuropsych testing
  • Teacher development training on learning challenges
  • College planning for students with learning disabilities
  • Referrals for tutors, therapists, psychologists, therapeutic educational consultants, lawyers, and others as needed
  • Parent education on parenting students student with unique learning styles
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