What Freshman in High School Parents and Students Can do NOW to prepare for College

Each month, I blog on a topic to support and inspire parents who are committed to raising independent, creative and powerful citizens who will use education to impact and transform. 

It is my intent to provide tidbits to help parents navigate the educational path so that students will get into college and “thrive” in college.  

What Freshman in High School Parents and Students Can do NOW to prepare for College 

by Laura Barr 

Each year I am asked by the parents of high school freshman parents: What can we do now?  I am a college consultant and mother of four launched children who believe that starting early wise and creates less anxiety for students 

What Can I do Now? 

  • Backward Plan with the calendar and create a tentative calendar of 4-year admissions plan
  • Vision 4-year academic course schedule with a school counselor or college consultant 
  • Build relationships with teachers and counselors, seek trusted advisors for self-advocacy and future recommendation letters 
  • Engage in the school community in  sports, leadership, and clubs 
  • Get 3 college visits under your belt (big, small, private, public) 
  • Apply and plan on getting summer jobs
  • Get lifeguard certifications, apply for community leadership boards
  • Begin a resume and add to it each year
  • Keep a spreadsheet of interesting colleges you hear about
  • Get a naviance account with your school and get smart about how to use it
  • Encourage your children Read, Read and Read 
  • Instill a strong understanding of financial planning, use of credit cards and bank accounts
  • Use therapists as a resource
  • Attend parent the college nights and fairs at your school
  • Engage in our local community 
  • Sign up for Be the Influence Newsletter  https://www.betheinfluence.us/ to stay smart about issues facing teens
  • Subscribe to your local and national newspapers, pick favorite  magazines and read and talk about current issues
  • When traveling stop by colleges and University and sign up for tours (try the self-guided) 
  • Arrange update psycho-educational testing for accommodations, if needed
  • Get curious about Gap Year options
  • Attend College Fairs  
  • Purchase  and annotate Fiske College Book and keep on Coffee table 
  • Read Frank Bruni Where you Go is Not Who You Will Be
  • Read Loren Pope Colleges that Change Lives
  • Read the college essay prompts each fall and discuss with family

Please reach out to Laura Barr at info@emergingconsulting.com for more information about e.Merging’s services and support in how to prepare your freshman, sophomore of junior for the college process 

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