• Laura has been by our side with helpful insights and advice since our boys were in kindergarten. Laura‚Äôs compassion coupled with proven parenting methods has made a world of difference for our family. We recommend her services wholeheartedly!

    Sarah B.
  • Laura felt like an old friend as soon as we walked in. I was impressed by how quickly she absorbed our family's priorities and made recommendations accordingly. She also provided us with valuable insights into the educational landscape in Denver. I highly recommend engaging Laura to help you navigate these critical decisions.

    Alicia B.
  • Laura is the consummate professional and was my first call when my son was looking for a "just right" college. She takes time to know students and families to make sure that individual decisions work well within an "ecosystem" of family-based, kid priority-based and financial consideration-based decisions. She works diligently to ensure that teenagers have both the agency and the ownership to see all of the options and that each path has benefits and challenges. If you are looking for someone that honors complexity, depth, and reality-based decision making, she is the just right fit.

    Sam B.
  • I have used Laura Barr for two school placements (lower school and middle school) for both of my kids and couldn't be happier with Laura's recommendations. The information we received was timely, informative and extremely accurate and the follow-up was good. I found that Laura's insight into the Denver school market for public and private schools was worth every penny for us. Our kids are happy and thriving!

    Sue F.
  • Our session with e.Merging exceeded all of our expectations. We were initially uncertain if meeting with Laura would be worthwhile, but we are so glad we did. Laura's depth and breadth of knowledge were astounding. She answered all of our questions readily and honestly. We liked and appreciated her direct manner that is fact-based and not bias. We finished our session and walked away feeling more clear on our goals for our daughter's education. We would absolutely recommend her services and would visit her again if needed.

    Trish C.
  • Laura is amazing and truly is an expert in the field and has a true gift. It is inspiring that she wakes up for the children, as that is a true passion and most people never find out what they are passionate. Laura takes it further than most and has cultivated this to her purpose while on earth to help others, what a gift and a true beacon for so many of us.

    Colleen B.
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