Welcome to the Denver Metropolitan area! Since 2002, I have been helping families in navigating the educational landscape.

We will start with an introductory session which can include:

  • Goal setting
  • Review of a pre-completed needs questionnaire
  • Review of all available academic and psychological records
  • A customized plan with a financial estimate of additional services if needed

Additional services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional evaluation of all available academic and psychological records
  • Communication with teachers, tutors, psychologists, therapists, and others
  • Creation of a list of appropriate schools/programs for consideration by the family
  • Request of admission materials from schools/programs to be sent to parents
  • Collaboration with client’s realtor for target of specific areas and schools
  • Creation of itinerary for school visits, shadow days etc.
  • Consistent contact via e-mail, Skype and phone to ensure progress and next steps
  • Review of applications and essays prior to submission
  • Communication with recommended schools/programs by telephone, e-mail
  • Debriefing after school visits by the family on the phone
  • Referrals for family support systems
  • Discussion with family about final placement decision

My assistance does not stop at finding the right school. I believe in strong client relationships and continue to check in periodically to make certain that your child is thriving, learning and growing. Parents often request parent coaching and education sessions to support their child in creating a happy and productive life.

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