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"I always get to where I am going by walking from where I have been."

– Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne

School Planning Services for Families Relocating to Denver

e.Merging’s relocation consultation services will guide you in finding a school where your child will be most successful.  If your family is considering a Denver relocation or is new to the city, I can quickly orient you to Denver’s educational landscape.

I can help you select schools for consideration, identify important admissions deadlines, and manage the overall admissions process.  In addition to our school planning services, families who are relocating to Denver may need assistance with special situations including:

  • Handling mid-year admissions cases

  • Representing your family to schools before you arrive

  • Consolidating admissions forms and tasks

  • Assistance in creating an itinerary for a trip to Denver to visit schools including tours, shadow visits, and admissions consults

  • Collaborating with a realtor for advantageous home location choice

  • Overview of the American and Denver school system and school choices

  • Empowering in curriculum and instruction, common core

  • Educational Advocacy for the student with IEP and 504

  • Working with current teachers and schools to determine a placement that provides a student with the best continuity.

When you move, there is a lot on your mind.  With e.Merging managing your school planning and selection process, you’ll have less stress.  What’s better, your child will find the right fit in a school and be set for success on the first day.


How does it work?

Services are catered to each client after a rigorous intake process where I listen to individual needs and create a Professional Services Agreement using a retainer style method of payment.

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