Parent Education

I don’t know one parent who is not dedicated to raising happy and responsible children who will be launched into the world. Yet, the landscape for raising students is more complicated than ever. The combination of social media, social pressures, and academic expectations are resulting in students and parents suffering from more anxiety and stress than ever before.

I have worked side by side with psychologists in the community identifying common challenges that don’t need therapeutic solutions but practical pro-active plans. Every family is different, and therefore there is no such thing as a one size fits all parenting approach. I work with each family to develop their own style and methods based on their values and goals, applying best practice and research-based methods inspired by Madeline Levine, National Parenting Education Network, as well as, Klien and Fey top writers and thinkers in the field of parent education.

I am a certified Love and Logic instructor and believe the L&L principles can be applied in many situations. My passion in this area led me to self-publish the “The Entitlement Antidote,” a parenting lab book for the 21st century.

We will start with an introductory session around specific areas of need which may include:

  • Spot Coaching on challenging everyday issues
  • Development of parent plans specific to development age and needs
  • Boundary development around social media, computer and screen time
  • Parent education on drugs, alcohol and sex education
  • Financial education curriculum for young people
  • Development of allowance and chore structure
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