GET Ready to Launch  by Laura Barr 

“Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement.” ― Daniel H. Pink.

Launching is the art of intentionally raising children to leave home and be responsible, independent citizens. Parents who raise “launched” students tend to “guide” and “collaborate” vs. “manage” and “dictate.” At e.Merging, we are committed to guiding parents and students to find passion and purpose and to use the college search process as an opportunity to develop an identity and character. We want our clients not only to “get into” college but thrive in college and life. 

Kids who launch with grace have both a practiced mindset and:

  • Have a strong pattern of sleeping eight to ten hours a day
  • Exercise routines and basic nutrition knowledge
  • Can manage homework and grades without parent support and micro-management
  • Can self-advocate in the classroom and socially
  • Students can make doctor’s appointments, haircuts, grocery shops, etc.
  • Have their bank account and debit card
  • Secure Drivers License by 16 or 17
  • Can navigate public transportation
  • Have 8-10 on the Grit scale (they have failed)
  • Manage their own screen time (2 Hours per day) 
  • Commitment to continual improvement of  study habits and routines
  • Can articulate how they “learn” and what they need
  • Willing to meet with teachers and professors and self-advocate 
  •  Strong understanding and toolbox related to mental health
  • Have a growth mindset 
  • Can hold a job and willing to take certifications such as Red Cross babysitting, lifeguarding
  • Have left home for more extended periods in summers without family members or friends 
  • Can identify strands of interest and different kinds of career pathways
  • Have experience with serving the community on a regular basis
  • Has a strong friend base and can manage social conflict 

If any of my expert parents have any tips to add to the list, please send them my way!

Please reach out to Laura Barr at for more information about e. Merging’s services and support in launching! 

It’s December and College Applications are in, so what’s next?

Congratulations to all parents of college-bound seniors!   

Your students have accomplished a fantastic feat by completing the college application process. December marks the month when e.Merging high school students have completed their college applications and can definitively state: “I know where I want to go, what I want to do, and who I want to be.”

When we take on new clients, we stress the importance of the process of identity formation, and we honor the completion of the college application as a Capstone Project. The Common Application requires students to create a resume, a list of the ten meaningful activities, a personal statement, and a student’s transcript. 

In addition, students have to write multiple responses to questions including:

  • Why do you want to attend this college?
  • Elaborate on how you have contributed to your community? 
  • What makes you unique?

These questions require students to research, reflect and write responses that prove they will be successful in college and beyond. 

Your student has likely invested over one hundred hours into crafting a narrative that includes their educational journey, passions, and interests. This body of work is evidence of a life well-lived. 

During this chaotic time, we encourage parents to honor this incredible feat with no attachment to where their child “will get in.” It marks an important moment in their life, so take a step back to simply honor the effort and to celebrate, par “the story” the application tells about the amazing child they raised!