GET Ready to Launch by Laura Barr

Each month, I blog on a topic to support and inspire parents who are committed to raising independent, creative and powerful citizens who will use education to impact and transform.
It is my intent to provide tidbits to help parents navigate the educational path so that students will get into college and “thrive” in college.


Launching is the art of intentionally raising children so that they can leave home and be responsible, independent citizens. Parents who raise “launched” students tend to “guide” and “collaborate” vs. “manage” and “dictate.” At e.Merging, I am committed to guiding parents and students to find passion, purpose, and to use the college search process as an opportunity to develop an identity and a character. I want my clients not only to “get into” college but thrive in college and life.

“Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement.” ― Daniel H. Pink

Kids who launch with grace have both a practiced mindset and experiences:

  1. Sleeps 8-12 Hours a day
  2. Exercise routines and basic nutrition knowledge
  3. Manage Homework and Grades with support and guidance of parents not micromanagement
  4. Can self-advocate in the classroom and socially
  5. Make doctors appointments, haircuts, grocery shop, etc.
  6. Have their own bank account and debit card
  7. Have their Drivers License by 16 or 17
  8. Can navigate public transportation
  9. Have 8-10 on the Grit scale (they have failed)
  10. Manage their own screen time (2 Hours per day)
  11. Awareness of study habits
  12. Can discuss their learning style
  13. Meet with teachers and self-advocate
  14. 101 mental health awareness, are able to identify and name feelings
  15. Have a growth mindset
  16. Have held numerous job and have certifications in babysitting, lifeguarding, pet sitting, camp counselors, worked at ice cream shops, restaurants and coffee shops
  17. Have left home for more extended periods in summers without family members or friends
  18. Have identified some small passion purpose and are
  19. Are genuine about service to the community
  20. Has a solid friend base

If any of my expert parents out there have any tips to add to the list please send my way!

Please reach out to Laura Barr at for more infomration about e.Merging’s services and support in launching!

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