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Strategic Planning

Strategy Planning for School Administrative Teams

A school functions optimally when there is a clear vision, shared between stakeholders, administrators, teachers and assistants.  e.Merging works with a school’s principal, or head of school, and key stakeholders to develop a strategic plan that sets clear, actionable objectives.  Our team then cascades the plan throughout the school to ensure individual staff members understand how they impact the outcomes.

e.Merging brings over 20 years experience working with school stakeholders, administrators, leadership teams and individual contributors to ensure alignment within organizations.

We achieve results that align with, or exceed, expectations.  Fundamentally, e.Merging’s process is about alignment, empowerment and accountability.  We coach school leaders so they are able to course correct and adjust to dynamic circumstances while remaining in alignment with the board and school staff.

Leadership Development

The head of any school has the daunting responsibility of overseeing the entire operation of the school while balancing the relationship with, and accountability to, the board overseeing the school.  Many heads of schools took an organic route to their current position, often rising through the ranks of having once been a classroom teacher or a lower-level administrator.  It is common that heads of school often find themselves without the developed skills to sustainably and successfully work up through the board of trustees and down through the organization of administrators, teachers and assistants to achieve sustainable results.

Without developed skills as an organizational leader, many schools are limited in what they can achieve.  The vision set by the board of trustees is not effectively communicated and aligned within the organization in such a way that each person working in the school knows exactly what his or her role is, and how it contributes to the organization’s ability to achieve their desired outcomes.

e.Merging coaches heads of school to achieve productive relationships with stakeholders and staff.  Organizational leadership is a skill that can be developed and enhanced.  Working with an e.Merging Executive Leadership Development Coach provides you with a vital partner, structured within a rigorous process, who is committed to your continued personal and professional growth and development.


Strategic plans are often easy to write. However, they can be extremely difficult for any organizational leader to sustainably achieve without support.

Strategic Planning

With a clear sense of alignment from the board to the head of school and down through the staff, and with an effective system for empowerment and accountability, the school greatly increases its ability to meet or exceed the expectations of all their stakeholders.

e.Merging’s methodology and approach for strategic planning is broken down into three phases:

Phase I

Phase I begins with first establishing a clear sense of alignment between the board and the head of school.  Once this has been established, or enhanced, the process advances within Phase I to clarifying the vision, mission and values for the school.  Then we work together to develop a clear and focused sense of where the board would like the school to be three to five years into the future.

Phase II

Phase II begins with the head of school and her leadership team.  e.Merging works with the team to develop a specific plan of action, covering a single year, that meaningfully moves the organization towards the established three to five year objectives.

Phase III

Phase III begins with the cascading of the specific plan of action down through and across the school to ensure that each staff member understands his unique role and how he impacts the outcomes.