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A New Cultural Competency

Our preferred partner is Enlightened Inclusion, who is committed to transforming the conversation around what it takes to create a culture that intentionally designs a place for all people, regardless of their differences.


Enlightened Inclusion is committed to empowering educational organizations (arts, sports, clubs, academic departments etc.) through professional development in building a sense of consciousness around intentional access for human beings with unique and special needs.

Guiding Principals:

Inclusion is a human right

  • We believe that inclusion is a better way of responding to diversity and that inclusion benefits all learners and community stakeholders, not just the excluded.

Inclusion means ACCESS and requires intention

  • Inclusion is about securing “place” and “scaffolding” for those typically marginalized and providing opportunities for learning experiences that are meaningful and where outcomes are quality.

Inclusion is about the removal of barriers

  • Enlightened Inclusion understands that exclusion is rooted in lack of knowledge, mis-information and implicit bias. By removing “barriers” we ensure the right to education for ALL.

Inclusion depends on a community of stakeholders

  • Inclusion can not participate in isolation. The Enlightened Inclusion Project is rooted in the belief that all organizations including educational, artistic and religious, in both formal and non-formal settings, must participate for global impact to occur.

Inclusion is a process

  • Enlightened Inclusion sees Inclusion as a never-ending process that demands commitment, creativity and collaboration. It is about learning how to live with differences and how to learn from differences.

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Call To Action:  All Educational Organizations

“Over half a billion persons are disabled as a result of mental, physical or sensory impairment. These individuals are often limited by both physical and social barriers which exclude them from society and prevent them from actively participating in the development of their nations. Approximately 80 per cent of the world’s disabled population lives in developing countries. The key to unlocking this potential rests in the minds of men and women, it is through education and the respect for the rights of all individuals that change can effectively take place.” (Guidelines for Inclusion, United Nations 2005).

Enlightened Inclusion facilitators provide strategic training, program design, consulting, team development, alignment and cutting edge research to schools and organizations that are committed to creating an inclusive culture for human beings with differences of all kinds.

Benefits of an inclusive educational environment:

  • Attention paid to the learning differences of all students
  • Respect for unfamiliar cultures and conditions
  • Opportunities for student leadership and mentoring
  • Rise in achievement for all students with or without  disabilities.

Enlightened Inclusion works to challenge a variety of teams from admissions, human resources, board of directors and teachers to become warriors on behalf of human beings who traditionally been marginalized and excluded.


Inclusive Facilitation Training

Enlightened Inclusion offers a three-day Inclusion Workshop for schools and organizations that want to build a comprehensive inclusive education plan.  These conversations happen with a leadership team comprised of invested administrators, teachers and parents.

Sample Inclusion Workshop goals include:

  • Produce a clear diversity and inclusion mission, vision and values that aligns with the school’s overall mission, vision and values
  • Define a clear sense of what it takes to create and sustain a culture that operates within the context of a robust inclusion and diversity program
  • Create a simple, clear and focused high level diversity and inclusion strategic plan for the school
  • Develop individual inclusive education projects and action plans that align with the school’s newly created plan.


Inclusive Education Support

As a result of an Inclusion Workshop, the Enlightened Inclusion facilitation team will have an actionable plan to create meaningful change that supports including human beings of all backgrounds and abilities in the same educational environment.  Enlightened Inclusion supports the leadership team in this endeavor and has support services that can further facilitate the plan’s success.

Post-workshop support services include:

  • Team alignment meetings with the board of directors, trustees, principal and/or executive director
  • Alignment meetings with the balance of school faculty
  • One to one coaching with the principal, executive director and/or school inclusion project leaders
  • Monthly accountability calls with the core leadership team
  • Quarterly accountability meetings with the core leadership team
  • Keynote speaking from Mark, Laura and their son Devon Musselman offer a spirited series of talks on the subject of inclusion and diversity.