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Parent Education

Parent Education

The world that we are sending our children out into is not the same world from which we came.  Therefore, our parenting plan needs to be different than that of past generations.  This is the root of e.Merging’s Out of the Box parent education.  For many parents, this is a radical shift in thinking where children are involved in creating family systems.

How can we help our children negotiate with others without giving them permission to do so at home?  What would it look like to create a home that fosters creativity?  Can we teach our children to further the values they learn at home in a greater society?  Is it possible that failure is something parents should allow a child to experience?

e.Merging guides families to develop their own approach to parenting that integrates their values and also the skills that are most relevant to launching children into the world.

Creating a strong sense of family through Out of the Box thinking results in a family that has secure, loving relationships between parents and children.  This intentional way of parenting allows parents to feel confident that when they launch a child out into the world, he will be ready to live into his own intentions.


Parent Coaching & Consulting

When parents work with an e.Merging educational consultant on creating a home environment that supports educational, emotional and character development it often feels like a conversation with a best friend.  That’s because our consultants are parents themselves and have really road-tested their formal education in parenting.  You’ll hear what worked – and what didn’t work at all – for our families so you can see how we work through our own parenting dilemmas.

In our parent education coaching, we listen to the challenges that you’re facing and work with you to create actionable plans that strategically implement a family’s mission, values and goals.  Then, we coach you as you work through the plan with your family, helping you make adjustments, learn valuable lessons and refine your vision along the way.

Laura Barr, e.Merging’s lead consultant, works one on one with families who are committed to a high level of intervention and support.

Examples of parent education topics include:

  • Defining a family mission, set of values and goals
  • Raising responsible and independent children
  • Tackling entitlement issues
  • Specific parenting strategies to deter unwanted behavior
  • Research based articles and brain researched guidance

The Entitlement Antidote - Download your free eBook copy today.

"I wonder what it would be like for us as parents to let go of all of our pre-conceived ideas about what it means to be "good parents" and to see ourselves simply as innovators?

"What if we adopted the same approach as hundreds of other innovators across numerous entrepreneurial fields and applied them to parenting?

"In A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger, he interviews artists, designers, and scientists and as a result develops what he calls a framework for innovation. Berger asserts that the question "why" is the first stage of innovative questioning which he describes as "first confronting, formulating, and framing the initial question that articulates the challenge at hand, and trying to gain some understanding of context.""

Excerpt from The Entitlement Antidote

The Entitlement Antidote

Laura Barr has documented her perspectives on igniting passion, engagement and passion in children who are raised in privilege.

You are invited to join Laura on an incredible journey to raising wildly entrepreneurial kids who are responsible, creative and independent and who are prepared to take on the challenges they will face as they are launched in the complex, dynamic, and increasingly competitive 21st century landscape.

Please come and collaborate with me in a living laboratory as we address the parenting question of the century: Why has it become such a challenge to ignite passion, engagement and happiness in children who are being raised in privilege?

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