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Educational Advocacy

Educational Advocacy

e.Merging Educational Consulting equips parents to partner with schools to meet the needs of children who have specific learning needs.  All students benefit from parents who are active in communicating with their child’s school and teachers.  However, this is especially true for students who are intellectually gifted or who have special needs.

Gifted students and those with special needs benefit most from parents who advocate for appropriate educational opportunities.

Learning to advocate for a school to meet your child’s educational needs in a productive and respectful way is crucial.  e.Merging coaches parents in making conversations with teachers, counsellors and administrators effective.  We educate parents on appropriate learning environment options, standard school processes and individual educational plans.  What we often find is that the work of our parent advocates benefits an entire class or school, facilitating meaningful change.


Advocating for Your Gifted Child

It is necessary for parents of a gifted student to advocate for an educational environment that is a good fit: both challenging academically and motivating emotionally.  Often gifted students can struggle in a regular school classroom because of boredom, lack of peer connections, and not feeling like they are on the same page as the rest of the class.  e.Merging empowers parents of gifted children to advocate for program placement, appropriate access to resources and unique curriculum options.

e.Merging recognizes that there are a wide variety of gifted students including highly gifted and talented and “twice exceptional” children who may also have a learning disability.  Coupled with our educational testing services, parents can develop a clear profile of their gifted student to develop an individual plan that fits her educational needs.

Families leave with a giftedness profile, appropriate advocacy letters and a strategic plan.


Advocating for Your Special Needs Child

This consult is designed to empower families in understanding the individual education plan (IEP) law and how it applies to their special needs child.  Parents are coached in the e.Merging system for planning, preparing and advocating for individual education plans.  Our system is inspired by Wrights group and our consultants’ own practical experience working with special education teams in all Denver area districts.

Additionally, we offer educational testing options that provide the opportunity to understand your student’s educational needs at a deep level.  Through cognitive assessment or clinical observation – or a combination of the two – parents can acquire meaningful data that can support the need for a change in the educational environment.

Families leave with a planner, appropriate advocacy letters and a specific strategic plan.