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The Beauvallon

975 Lincoln Street Suite |205 F

Parking on Street:   Feel free to use street parking (2 Hours), or you can park in the covered parking that is part of the building.  Proceed to the front entrance and ring the door monitor.  The elevator will take you to the second floor and follow signs to Suite 205.

Parking in Beauvallon covered parking: When headed North on Lincoln (Lincoln is a one way) there are two coated parking structures in the building.  There is one that serves the south portion of the building, which is NOT the one you want to use, and another one that helps the northern part of the building, which IS the one you want to use.  The right building has the number 975, in BOLD numbers, visible from the street.  Pull into this parking garage and make your way to the second tier.  You can use ANY parking that is numbered; you CANNOT PARK IN  MATRIX FITNESS.  Find your way to the metal doors that provide entry to the second floor of the building.  My office is the first one on the left.  Please make yourself comfortable on the couch, and I will greet you.  If you find yourself lost, make your way to the front desk.  The cell service is not excellent, so if you see yourself lost best to find your way to the first-floor elevator.
Wait for me in the seating area, and I will come to find you.
The best way to reach me is by e-mail is to e-mail me!