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Top Ten Education and Parenting Finds of the Week

Written by Bethany Todd, in collaboration with Laura Barr Each week, e.Merging sifts through research and media in order to keep ourselves knowledgeable about what is  happening in education and parenting. We want to share all the good stuff with you.  Below is a list of our latest and favorite finds. Most of them are very current or […]

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Breakthroughs with DIY Personalized Books

Written by Bethany Todd, in Collaboration with Laura Barr This summer, I’m working on creating some DIY personalized books for my kids. I did this once before for my daughter when we were moving from Virginia to Denver. I realized then, the power of personalized books. For the record, I’m not talking about the new […]

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Practical Ways to Teach Young Children How to Respond to a Bully

Written by Bethany Todd, in collaboration with Laura Barr   Last week, an 8 year old boy committed suicide after being bullied at school. This utter heart-break is another example why we need to prepare schools and children for how to deal with bullies. In the next few weeks, we will discuss different elements of bullying and […]

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Journaling with your Child, Teenager, or Student

Written by Bethany Todd, in collaboration with Laura Barr Journaling is an effective way for parents and children to communicate with each other. It invites both parties to slow down, quiet oneself, and, reflect on thoughts and feelings, before communicating them. Journaling is also effective because it is a process. Communication with children, and especially […]

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The Power of Authentic Listening: At Home and In the Classroom

Written by Bethany Todd, in Collaboration with Laura Barr   “Listen to me”, we all beg of our children. But, do we ever stop to explain what we mean?  I imagine that many of us don’t. However, explaining what we mean could improve communication and understanding between our child or students and yourself. Improving communication […]

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Connecting Elders and Teens: The Value of Inter-generational Programming

Written by Bethany Todd, in Collaboration with Laura Barr Research shows that powerful things happen when we link elders and students. It’s important for different generations to engage and interact.  The purpose of inter-generational planning is to serve the community, build character and promote emotional health for both generations involved. Maurice Elias, Professor of Psychology and […]

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Summer Resources and Programs for Gifted Students in Denver

Written by Bethany Todd, in Collaboration with Laura Barr Are you wondering what to do with your gifted student over the summer? Below is a list of resources and ideas for engaging gifted children, as well as resources to create community for your child and family. Summer is one of the best times for social interaction […]

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Parents Get Inclusive

Written by Bethany Todd, in collaboration with Laura Barr Inclusion is a mindset. Inclusion is a culture. Inclusion is a right. Inclusion goes beyond the classroom. It’s a community e.Merging has partnered with Enlightened Inclusion. We join them in their mission: “committed to transforming the conversation around what it takes to create a culture that intentionally […]

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Common Assessments: What they Are and What we Use

Written by Bethany Todd, in collaboration with Ous Badwan. Dr. Badwan provides clinical and assessment services tailored to the young child population through his practice at Birch Psychology. Learn more about Ous and Birch Psychology here.    All assessments provide information about a child. They are valuable as we determine what each child needs. Below, you will […]

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Enlightened Inclusion and our Parent Education Series

e.Merging is excited to announce  Laura Barr’s participation and creation of a new non-profit called Enlightened Inclusion.  This fall, Enlightened Inclusion, will be sponsoring Lunch and Learn Series.  Come listen, share, and eat with speakers who are on a mission to “enlighten” parents about pressing inclusion topics. Enlightened Inclusion Mission: to compel a substantial shift in the national culture, design, and […]

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