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Student Centered Instructional Coaching


We support public and private schools on equitable practices to support student growth

 Our expertise is focused on developing individual human skills, high performing work teams and opportunities for teachers to engage in the decisional capital such as backward planning, unit planning, neurodiversity, student-centered instructional coaching

What Exactly is Student-Centered Coaching?

Developing  Professional Capital is investing in highly committed, thoroughly prepared, continuously developed, properly paid, well-networked teachers so to maximize their teacher own improvement, and to empower the team to be able to make effective judgments using all their capabilities and experiences.  Professional Capital is something that must be acquired, spread and reinvested by teachers themselves, individually and together.  Professional Capital is product human, social and decisional capital.

The Professional Capital view of teaching assumes that good teaching:

  • Is technically sophisticated and difficult
  • Requires high levels of education and long periods of training
  • Is perfected through continuous improvement
  • Involves wise judgment informed by evidence and good experience
  • Is a collective  accomplishment and responsibility
  • Maximizes mediates and moderates online instruction

Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School (Andy Hargreaves, Michael Fullan, Teachers Collee Press, 2012

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