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Mark Musselman


Mark Musselman, Leadership Consultant


Mark brings 20 years of experience as a former CEO of two dynamic businesses to e.Merging’s consultative and coaching work with schools, school leaders and teachers.  For the past decade, Mark has served as an executive level leadership development coach, facilitator, and strategic business consultant and advisor for a multitude of leaders and organizations with a particular focus on private and public schools, school leaders, and teachers over the past five years. 

Mark has worked directly with multiple school and school district leaders.  Mark and Laura have joined forces to create a powerful partnership designed to serve schools, school leaders, and teachers.

Speaking Topics

“The Power of Aligned Teams”

“Why Strategy Matters”

“Shared Leadership as the Only Sustainable Model”

“Conscious Leadership as a Choice”

“Transition from ‘Getting Here’ to ‘Being Here’ & The Practice of Being ‘Mindfully Present'”

“Be-Do-Have and How It Can Transform My Life”

“What You Think of Me Is None of My Business”

“Unlocking the Secrets of Highly Productive People”

“Getting More of What You Want & Less of What You Don’t”


University of Colorado
Bachelor of Arts, Economics


Public Speaking

Master Facilitator

Executive Leadership Development Coach

Relevant Experience

Owner / Founder
MX5 Leadership Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Owner / Founder
HPT Consulting Group

CEO / President
PorchLight Real Estate Group

CEO / President
Ouray Sportswear

Executive Consultant / Facilitator / Coach / Trainer
McGhee Productivity Solutions