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A New Model for e.Merging Education Consulting

Dear Readers ,

Fall is right around the corner, and each year I write a letter to all of my past, present, and prospective clients to update them on  exciting news from e.Merging.  This routine has been a lovely reflection on the lives that I have touched and the  hundreds of children, families, and schools who have made a positive impact on my life, both professionally and personally.  It is each and every one of you that has informed my practice and has guided me to shifting my business to a new model where I believe I can have the most impact on schools, families, and children.

I wanted to personally share that after a summer of deep reflection I made the decision to shift e.Merging’s focus from a 1:1 family consulting and advocacy model to a cutting-edge School Consultancy firm.  Beginning September 1, 2017, e.Merging will be partnering with HPT Consulting Group to provide Team Development, Curriculum and Instruction Coaching and Professional Development for teachers.

My work with families led me to the realization that I want to make a more significant impact on student learning and growth by working in school systems with leaders, administrators and teachers.  This shift in focus will allow me to partner with schools to create sustainable cultures where student learning is at the center.  Access for all children is my deepest passion and has me returning to my roots as an educator; in schools and classrooms.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you, and watch your families grow over the years.  Please keep sending us your beautiful cards and notes throughout the year, and stay in touch by joining us on our blog and social media.  You are, and will always be, “family” to me!

I am happy to announce that e.Merging’s consultants, Jennifer Rigsby and Meryl Duguay, have opened Front Range Educational Consulting and are currently booking clients for the fall. Please call them at 303-287-3775.

I am also beyond grateful for our devoted partners who have stood by us and helped us serve countless families over the past 12 years.  They will continue to partner with Front Range Educational Consulting.

Birch Psychology is our most trusted partner for educational assessments, adult, youth and family therapy. Birch Psychology, founded by Dr. Ous Badwan, was our in-house partner for years.  Dr. Badwan recently moved to a new location, and we are thrilled for their growing practice.

Bill Huston and Ryan Krug, the owners of MindFish, are experts in the field for test prep and tutoring, and with their help have eased test anxiety and prepared many of our clients to take standardized tests and entrance exams. Their knowledge, expertise, and intentional approach is unparalleled.

I look forward to sharing more about e.Merging’s growth and new direction.

With Gratitude,


Laura Barr

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