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Top Articles of August

Compiled by Bethany Todd and Laura Barr

Here are our top reads for the month of August


Are you on the same page about “social emotional learning”? MindShift suggests we not be.
What do We Mean When We Say Social Emotional Skills

In order for children to have empathy and understanding, they have to know a little bit about other’s experiences. Check out this fabulous book list that explore the refugee experience. I’ve already recommended it to my local library and elementary school:
Books that Explore the Refugee Experience

New York Times article,
How to Ignore your Child’s Bad Behavior but Also be Present to Them.

Vince Gowmon writes about remembering joy. It’s a simple and necessary reminder to be present.
Remembering Joy

In reflection of the events in Charlottesville, I re-found Michele Borba’s relevant article written after the shotting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.
7 Secrets to Nurturing Tolerance and Acceptance in Kids

Spreading kindness at school involves administrators implementing concrete and proactive activities that promote empathy. These are fabulous practical suggestions.
6 Ways Kids can Spread Kindness at School



Jessica Lahey: ” there is plenty of research to show that extrinsic motivators, such as grades, as well as parental surveillance and control, are detrimental to kids’ long-term motivation to learn and undermine their relationships with teachers.”
The Downside of Checking Kids Grades Constantly

How do you prepare your child for living with their college roommate? How do they handle being uncomfortable?
Common Roommate Problems


Autism is more common in boys than girls, but the gender gap may be more due to girls’ symptoms of autism being less obvious. Therefore, girls may be under-diagnosed and not receiving the early intervention they need.
Autism Symptoms Are Less Obvious in Girls and May Lead to Underdiagnosis


Other Good Stuff

How do you motivate kids to study and learn if you don’t use grades? Learn here.
When Schools Forgo Grades: An Experiment in Internal Motivation

When sending kids back to school, consider “re-assessing family roles”. This is important as children grow up. Each year is different; more independence and responsibilities. Have a conversation with your children about how this year may be different.
6 Things Parents Should Know about Sending Kids Back to School



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