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Top Ten Education and Parenting Finds of the Week

Written by Bethany Todd, in collaboration with Laura Barr

Each week, e.Merging sifts through research and media in order to keep ourselves knowledgeable about what is  happening in education and parenting. We want to share all the good stuff with you.  Below is a list of our latest and favorite finds. Most of them are very current or just new to us:)



10. NPR put out an excellent children’s book list for teaching our children about social justice. These are “books that frame big issues through a lens children can understand.”


9. This fabulous resource is new to me. NASA has a fabulous site for educating our little ones on climate change.



8. New Research on Social Emotional Learning: “Promoting Positive Youth Development Through School-Based Social and Emotional Learning Interventions: A Meta-Analysis of Follow-Up Effects”


7. Ted Talk from Adam Alter on Why Our Screen Make us Less Happy?  is a valuable listen for Everyone. It’s also important to consider educating our children on why we limit screen time. Also, introducing them to the concept of creating “stopping points”.

6. Universities and Companies are valuing creativity, taking risks and problem solving more and more. Check out what M.I.T. and Booz Allen Hamiliton are doing.

The okay to fail…

5. Moms need a support system. MindShift shares a study about how young moms support one another, but then the support falls away as children grow older. However, moms still need the support, especially as they raise teenagers.



4. This is a great video about children with autism. It would be valuable to show your children to learn how to be a good friend with someone with autism.

3. New York Times shares new study about how toddlers look at faces, providing new insight about autism…”people are born with neurological differences that affect how they develop socially.”

2. Really insightful interview in with an author with non-verbal autism.

1. Check out this fabulous video about Inclusion, then consider sharing it. Diversity. Inclusion. Let’s get this message out!

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