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Wolf + Friends And What Inclusion Looks Like

Written by Bethany Todd, in collaboration with Laura Barr


Last week, we came across an absolutely fabulous resource and website for ALL families. But, what struck us the most was the their commitment to inclusion. Truly pioneers in inclusion, Wolf + Friends are making headway in the world of business and autism.


Wolf and Friends is a new website where ALL parents can shop toys, home decor,  clothes and styles for children. The furnishings and toys could be appropriate for any child, but on the site, the products are explained by their developmental and therapeutic functions. For example, toys are categorized by sensory development, social emotional development, or language development. Wolf + Friends values high quality in every facet of the business. The photos are beautiful, the site is very user-friendly, informative, and practical for all parents.


Carissa Tozzi, co-founder of Wolf and Friends, told the New York Times that she “had been told her son, Wolf, who was 4 at the time, might have “sensory issues,”…she “eagerly dived into the world of therapy websites to find products that might help her boy,” but she was unsuccessful in finding  good products and resources for her son. This led Tozzi to connect with Gena Mann in order to create Wolf and Friends, a better website and resource for families of children with disabilities.

Tozzi and Mann are truly pioneers in inclusion and today, we honor them. See below for more information on Wolf + Friends:



“WOLF + FRIENDS is a lifestyle platform for design-minded families to make informed buying decisions for their children in a space that is inclusive, empowering and fun. Our site and social channels highlight modern and imaginative decor, toys, furniture, and fashion ideas that support a child’s physical, sensory, communicative, cognitive, social,and emotional development.

Our goal is to educate families about shopping for children with intention and compassion. We are seeking to remedy a gap in the market for parents of typically developing children who need extra support and children with learning differences associated with an ASD, SPD, ADHD, Anxiety and other diagnoses. Parents seeking specialized toys, decor, furniture, and clothes for their children are often sent to professional therapy websites. Unfortunately, these sites are often uninspiring, and searching for the right products can be overwhelming and disheartening.”

Wolf and Friends


Practical and Helpful Features

Blog: Wolf + Friends blog has practical suggestions and inspiring stories from parents to children with autism.

Play Tips: The site provides helpful tips for how to support children’s play with the various products in order to help them with various developmental goals.

Design Ideas: What does it look like to have an indoor swing? What are the benefits? This sections shows parents how to use the products in the home.



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