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Laura Barr writes a Manifesto to Helicopter Moms

Written by Bethany Todd, in collaboration with Laura Barr

e.Merging has talked a lot about subjects like helicopter moms, over-parenting and entitlement. However, lately, we have felt like Helicopter Moms have gotten a bad reputation. In Laura Barr’s Manifesto to Helicopter moms, she encourages all moms to take a deep breathe, because “most of us are just flying the everyday, regular helicopter. Most of us know that we can never be responsible for another’s happiness.” Laura empowers and inspires moms to keep loving, caring, and flying your helicopter.


Read her The Helicopter Mother Manifesto via Denver Natural Moms here.


Also, check out her other work on the topic including:

Parenting Race to NoWhere/Tiger Mom which reviews the documentary Parenting Race to Nowhere and what it takes to raise a happy, motivated, creative human being in the 21st century.

The Price Of Privilege, e.Merging discusses how helicopter parents are over-involved, leaving children of entitlement to depend on their parents in unhealthy ways. The results are unhappy children coping with anxiety and depression.


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