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Define Success with your Kids

Written by Bethany Todd, in collaboration with Laura Barr

Family meeting time! Gather together as a family to define success.

It’s important to define words with our children as our language has a strong impact on how children interpret the world around them. I didn’t define success in my own life until well after college and I think I would have benefited if I would have defined it sooner. Words such as failure and success can impact our decision making or responses to things that are out of our control. When we define the word “success” we empower ourselves to make decisions based on our values, on what we think is successful. By having a conversation with our children about what these words mean, parents can gain an understanding about a child’s interpretation of the word and the background knowledge they have surrounding it.  Then,  parents can begin the process of helping guide and shape the definition.

Success for Each Person

Each person in the family may have a different view of what they deem successful. Is it the effort? The product? The results? Success is often rooted in what someone values and each of us value different things or different things at different times. With this in mind, you may want to consider that each child define it for themselves or for a family with young children, you create a family definition. Keep in mind, that the definition may be differ between family members and that may be okay.

Getting Smart provides a really helpful article, the 10 Strategies to Help Children Define Success for Themselves . Ryan Makhani’s strategies include valuable tools, such defining your success without comparing them to other’s success. Click above to learn more on how you have help each child define success in their own lives.

Put It In Writing

It’s simple; the words we choose matter.  How and what we say have an impact on how we raise our children.When we take the time to define important words like success, it’s valuable to write those definitions down and to place them in a predominant spot in the house.  This act will encourage families and children to say the definitions  and abide by them.

Words Matter  is a company that transforms hand crafted words into beautiful pieces of art to display in one’s home or work environment. The artists at Words Matter consider color, font and design to create a final product that is aesthetically inspiring and heirloom quality. Check out their site to get your family’s words up in your home.


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