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Talking to your Children about The Election

Written by Bethany Todd, in Collaboration with Laura Barr

The elections are tomorrow and there is nearly no doubt that our children have been exposed to the media, conversations, and anxiety of the political season. If you haven’t talked to your children about the election yet, it’s not too late. I’m planning to talk to my children about it before heading to the voting booth tomorrow where I’m guessing they may hear some side conversations that need explaining.

Common Sense Media has put out a great list on Easy Ways to Steer Kids though the Political Season.  The list provides suggestions for talking to elementary and secondary students. This is a helpful list including suggestions such as talking about the role of social media, decoding ads, and understanding the role of fear and hate-mongering. The list ends with a final suggestion to use this political season to reinforce family values.

While children are out of school tomorrow, I wonder if it would be a good time to have a family meeting and reinforce those family values. Maybe we should consider conversations such as how do we treat people that think differently than us and what does respect look like?

Elections leave us feeling uncertain, fearful and anxious. Children are looking to us for security. While we may not have all the answers, our attitudes and actions will impact our kids. What will we say and show them tomorrow?

Think about it today.

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