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Self-Defense Classes for Teen Girls in Denver

Written by Bethany Todd, in Collaboration with Laura Barr

“Females ages 12 to 24 are at the greatest risk for experiencing rape or sexual assault.  In fact 1 in 4 college women will experience sexual assault in their first year of school.”
Department of Justice via Impact


Rather than letting those unsettling statistic scare us, let’s consider preparing our children by providing training in self-defense. Through specific teen girl self-defenses classes, students develop leadership skills, self-confidence, situational awareness and knowledge about how to protect themselves.  Below is a list of Denver offerings:

Model Mugging
Model Mugging offers a class for young teens, ages 13 to 15 and a class for women, students 16 and older. In the young teens training, girls not only learn physical self defense skills, but also, awareness skills to avoid common threats. Model mugging utilized the martial science instructional system to physically and mentally prepare the students.

Women’s Self-Defense (ages 16 and up)
June 17-19
July 15-17

Teenage Self-Defense (ages 13-15)
TBD (call to inquire or set up a group)

Phone: 800-590-4687
Cost: Depending on distance (travel expenses) and facility space rental, tuition for the six hour training block is $125 per student. Large group tuition discounts are available.

Safer, Sounder LLC’s 2 Hour Girls Power Workshop

Safer, Sounder provides a 2 hour workshop for teen girls to teach them self-defense, as well as dating safety and situational awareness.

Gather a group of 4-10 girls and reserve a time
Saturday, Sunday, Monday: 4-6 pm or 5-7pm
Cost: $29.99 each or $52.80 for two girls ($3.59 discount for each additional girl)


Girls Fight Back

Classes are typically designed for schools or private groups, but can be arranged for anyone as well.  The Girls Fight Back program teaches the basics of personal safety, boundary setting, awareness, intuition, and fighting.  The fighting portion is non-contact.  They also offer  a full DVD or book that covers the content of our program. You can purchase here. The website is super helpful with other program options as well as numerous resources such as suggested books.

Kirkland Productions
Phone: 866-769-9037


IMPACT: Personal Safety in Colorado

IMPACT strives to protect teens and young women through implementing their school program, The Empowered School.  The goal of the program is to provide girls with a new source of confidence through their “own personal power and value. ”

700 N. Colorado Boulevard, #180, Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 303-956-6643




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